Toddler Imitating Tiger’s ‘Roar’ Soon Regrets It

Toddler Imitating Tiger’s ‘Roar’ Soon Regrets It
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A toddler who imitated a tiger’s ‘roar’ when she saw two in a zoo regretted it very soon after.

The two-year-old, who was being filmed by her mum Linzi, was overexcited and ran up to the glass to see the animals, roaring as she did so.

But when one tiger walked over to wake up the other one, the toddler was soon able to hear the real thing.


The tigers leapt up at each other, emitting a large ‘roar’ from behind the glass.

It’s safe to say that’s probably the last time the toddler will be imitating animal noises in a zoo any time soon.

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